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Expert Author Bob Hamilton

In the early days of website design and promotion targeting traffic was not considered to be critical to online marketing success. It was a generally accepted practice to simply invite traffic from any and all sources. It really didn’t matter whether that traffic was relevant to the concept of the website or not.


Traffic includes all of the human visitors to a website. It is clear that the more traffic to a website is always better. However as those who achieve online marketing success can testify, if not targeting specific demographics and groups of traffic that fit your market you are not really receiving the greatest potential out of your website promotions.


Targeted traffic is exactly what it would seem. Targeted traffic is traffic that you choose, or that you specifically aim to attract to your website. When it comes to creating a successful website the traffic that you are going to best benefit from is the traffic that actually has a genuine interest in the concept behind your website.


It doesn’t matter whether you have an ad revenue-generating website, a niche website, a product website, or purely informational in nature. Achieving online marketing success requires highly targeted traffic for that website.


For example, if your website is devoted to marketing eco-friendly pet care products the traffic you target is specifically interested in eco-friendly pet care products. Attracting customers who have children instead of pets, or customers who are looking for a part for their car is not going to increase your profitability by a single red cent. However, if you aim your website promotion directly toward pet owners who have a love for the environment that they want to foster through eco-friendly pet care products, you are on your way to online marketing success.


Remember that the ideal form of traffic for those who desire online marketing success is targeted traffic.


To your online marketing success!


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